About Us

Religion is a source of happiness for many in the world. However, humans are gradually losing touch with the beautiful core that almost every religion has. Instead, today religion has just become a tool used by those in power to manipulate the common people - by repeatedly calling in the association of the religion with their identity, and using fear to spread hatred.

This site is an effort to share knowledge and information about all religions in the world, so that people can get to know both their and others' religions well, in a bid to improve the knowledge and understanding of everyone. The intention is to present this information in a manner which is simple and concise, simplicity of information is after all a key factor in spreading it with minimal distortion.

Anyone and everyone who is interested can become a part of this effort. Though, since we have to ensure that the information is correct, we would be keeping a strict check on the final published content.

Also, this site is strictly apolitical in nature. We are here to share knowledge about something which is close to our hearts - something which is the raison d'etre for some of us, that is the only and only purpose of this blog-site.

May we be blessed and may we succeed in this effort!