Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas. And I'm happy!!!

I'm not a Christian, but still I'm very happy!

Even though I didn't party today. Even though I didn't go to the church. I'm still very happy!

Are you wondering why? Let me tell you why! Because, I felt something.

I went to central Delhi today. It was full of people - some were singing Christmas songs, some were playing guitar, while others were dancing. It was like a grand party! A party with countless number of people. A party with mini-parties within it! And, there was a long queue in front of the church. A lot of them were not even Christians. But they were enjoying and celebrating in their own way. Since the morning I've been getting Christmas wishes! I'm not a Christian but I'm responding to those wishes. 
For some time, I have been wondering - Why can't we respect all religions? Why are we always fighting? Why do we differentiate people on the basis of religion - "She is a Hindu", "He is…




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